An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D.

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An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D. (1915)
An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D. (Front) An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D. (Back)
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Part of Bloated Toe Publishing's Preserving History Collection
  • Author:Edward Livingston Trudeau
  • Original Publication Date:1915
  • Reprinted by:Bloated Toe Publishing
  • ISBN-10:1939216060
  • ISBN-13:978-1939216069
  • Format:Paperback
  • Dimensions (WxH):5¼ x 8¼ in
  • Pages:234


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An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D. (1915)
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An Autobiography: Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D., is the humbly written life story of Dr. Trudeau, who revolutionized the treatment of tuberculosis, a disease that was killing "one in seven of the human race," in the doctor's own words.

This brilliantly written life story is inspiring, funny, and tear-inducing for even the most stalwart reader. To great effect, Trudeau conveys the feelings of loss upon the death of loved ones, as well as the sense of hope that survives. In describing the remarkable work of the Sanitariums, he credits dozens who were instrumental through donations, hands-on work, and moral support.

There's plenty of early history here, too, covering Saranac Lake's past; surviving the difficult weather conditions in early days; and Trudeau's close friendship with Paul Smith and several Adirondack guides. This is one of the great books of the Adirondacks. Those who haven't read it are missing out on something very special.

A Historical Reprint by Bloated Toe Publishing: Original content with additional illustrations, edited for clarity.